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About me

My name is Zsolt Mohácsi. I am the father of three children, and besides my family, I love cars of all kinds. Cars have always been my hobby, which is why I have owned many different brands and models.

I got the idea for the development of Champion Car from my friends and customers in the financial industry. By talking to them, it became apparent there are many people who need support selecting and importing cars. Since then, I have been able to build a network of trustworthy contacts enabling me to import and deliver quality cars.

Personally, I believe in high-quality customer service, which has brought me long-lasting and trusted relationships with my clients!


Consultation when buying car

When you are insecure about which car you are looking for, or you have doubts about the price, I will check everything together with you.


The car you choose will either be delivered directly, or on a trailer.

Do not hesitate to contact me from outside of Hungary or Europe, or for any special kind of car! If there are any repairs necessary, I will take a damaged car with me to provide spare parts.

My liability insurance covers up to 30 million HUF, which is how I am able to get assignments for high value cars.


Within a few days, I will personally take all actions necessary and go to the relevant agencies, until the car is officially registered in Hungary, under your name, has the license plates, and you have received all required documents.


As soon as the car you want to sell is on display at our highly frequented site, it will find a buyer in no time. (It is located at the crossroad of the route 70 and the M0)


I will be glad to take your old car into payment for your newly imported car, or to buy it from you in cash.


Should your financial framework not be sufficient, it will be my pleasure to assist you with the contacts I have for either leasing or a private loan.



For 5.000 to 50.000 HUF, I can assist you in selecting the type or brand of your car. I can join you in testing it with an optical film thickness monitor, or do a complete health check.


My fee is between 100.000 and 200.000 HUF. It will be determined individually for each car and depends on various factors, such as the distance of the car to the buyer (which equates to risk during transportation). It does not depend on the value of the car itself.


If you already possess a foreign car and want to register it, but you do not have the time / lack the experience / are a bit nervous, I will be happy to provide this service for 30.000 HUF. The whole registration will be done in one day! Included in this price is the transportation of the car with my own provisional license plate.


Between 50.000 and 250.000 HUF (depending on the value of the car). Together with you, I will determine a competitive price for the car you want to sell and determine when it will most likely be sold. In most cases we can sell the car within the first month.

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